Upscale Escort Hyde Park Is Getting Fresh Air!

Written By - Lana Morell

Upscale Escort Hyde Park Change
Upscale Escort Hyde Park Change

Your new Upscale Escort Hyde Park girl is out in the park enjoying a cappuccino, writing this blog, and at the same time, enjoying the views. Ok yes, it is true that today its gray. But at least the temperatures are mild. I can smell spring in the air! lol silly I know. Never the less, I am indeed here and I am surprised as to how much movement there is around. I mean, Runners, dog walkers, horseriding, walkers… the list goes on. There are even people walking through the park with their Selfridges bags of shopping. God, I forgot how amazing London can be!

More than an Upscale Escort Hyde Park…

Being in London amazes me. One minute you are in Harrods shopping as if there is no tomorrow (I bought a few ultra sexy things to wear… not in Hyde Park that is, but rather behind closed doors ;), and the next you can be horseriding in the park! Fantastic! But today I do not intend to spend the day sitting in a cafe by the park. As soon as I finished this blog post for you, I will aim to get a few things done. For a start, I need to go to the shop to check how they are getting on with the curtains for my apartment. I have blinds already, but curtains are a very special addition. Perhaps you will see them if you arrange to meet me. They will be up from Monday, and I am around from… well, now ;).

Upscale Escort Hyde Park Leaving Shortly…

The plan is as follow for today: finish this blog, go to check on curtains, get on with a few emails etc., get a few chores done, and wait for the builders to come to fix the light switch. All sounding very boring I know. But I am rather excited because this is the last week of having to deal with all of these silly flat renovation details. Once all is done, I will go for a walk in Hyde Park with a friend. There is a new coffee shop right next to the Dorchester Hotel. It looks interesting. Yep, that means more coffee!

Since today is Friday I think I might go out for a drink with friends a bit later on in the evening. For that tho, I need to change my nail varnish! Life is though I know! I was thinking about Buddha Bar, which also happens to be by Hyde Park. Everything seems to be around my area! I feel so blessed!

Final Thought From Hyde Park…

I was thinking, perhaps you would like to know some of my fantasies? I would love to write something a little juicier for you. But I would need to know if you are interested. What are you more interested in, my day to day life and me as a whole, or more erotic storytelling?


I care that you know that whatever I will write here will not be an account of our date. As clearly written on my Etiquette page, what happens between you and me, remains between you and me. Anything written on this blog may be the result of a dream, desire, or expectation.

Please do let me know using the comment form below what you would like to read on my blog. Also feel free to ask any questions you may have. It will be my pleasure to reply.

Your Upscale Escort Hyde Park…