The Adventures of A Heathrow Airport Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

What Do You imagine To Be Like A Heathrow Airport Independent Escort?

Heathrow Airport Independent Escort

The short answer to what a Heathrow Airport Independent Escort might be like is simply exiting and wonderful! What more could I possibly ask for than a 12hrs spa day as a gesture of appreciation after a memorable evening with someone special? Yes, you read that right, a 12 hours spa day at the Sofitel Hotel at Heathrow Airport! Not bad eh ;).

This is how it all came about. I was at home getting ready for another obsessive evening spent on youtube when the phone magically rang. I jumped up and got stuck in the corner of my desk with my ankle as I try to answer the phone as quickly as possible (sad I know lol). I answer, perhaps not so graciously as I am still trying to free myself from under the desk. Who could it be?

I am soon to realise that I am on the phone with a very pleasant gentleman who sadly got stood up by the lady he had scheduled to visit him well in advance. So, I guess I am now his new found back up lol. Just joking of course. But he did explain that he was at Heathrow Airport without a date. He apologised for the very last minute invitation and made himself available for any verification I may be needed to do. This was all very quickly dealt with (not like the crazy and fake couple of a few days ago – see the previous blog).

At this point this Heathrow Airport Independent Escort has forgotten all about youtube and is jumping in and out of the shower, doing hair and makeup almost simultaneously (don’t ask), perfuming myself, and getting dressed. Ok, I am finally ready and on my way to Heathrow to meet my date.

As soon as I arrive, I am greeted by a very pleasant, polite, and clearly kind gentleman (just my cup of tea). What can I say, I had a fantastic evening! Everything from A to Z was just perfect! Who would say that such a perfect date could take place at an airport? From dinner to “dessert” I was left with a smile on my face.

The following day, after breakfast, it was explained to me by my date that he had a wonderful time and that he wanted to see me again and asked if I was open to this proposition. Omg, of course, I am! I think I just made a new pleasure seeker friend ;). But there is more, to express his gratitude for showing up at such short notice, he explained that he had a 12hrs Spa day booked for me at the hotel, which by the way, has a reputation for having a very good Spa!

I had the best date and the best following day ever! I am now left to wonder when our next date will be. I love being an escort!

Your Heathrow Airport Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…