St John’s Wood Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

How To Enjoy St John’s Wood Independent Escort:

St John’s Wood Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

There are so many things to do with your St John’s Wood Independent Escort on a day like this. St John’s Wood is a very nice part of London, not too busy, big mansions, quiet streets, nice restaurants and bars, and an overall nice local population.

Even on a hot day like today, This part of London does not disappoint, thanks to a lovely local park. The park accommodates tennis, basketball, competitive running, football, and a number of other sports. The local park also has a quieter area and a lovely bar. In summer, and especially with this weather, this place is full.

However, I personally find better forms of entertainment indoors ;). My ideal scenario? Me, indoors, nacked, with a pair of high heels on, chilled champagne, and the aircon full blast as I… entertain myself. I am into the simple pleasures of life you see ;). You? Making sure the aircon is full on, the champagne is chilled, the music is right, candles are lit, and then you chasing me all around your place ;). Yep, it is all about the simple pleasures in life I say ;).

You see, over the last ten years or so, there has been substantial emphasis on how bad exposure to the sun is. If that is true then we shall seek refuge indoors…why not in each other’s arms ;). Not too keen on the sun and still want to make the most of a very hot weekend? Let’s make it hot together, I say!

If you like the idea of spending a hot Sunday in the manner in which I have suggested in this blog post, do let me know by contacting me via email Email is my prefered form of initial contact. I hope to read from you soon!


Your Pleasure Pursuer and St John’s Wood Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…