Reflections Of King’s Road Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

Thoughts Of Your Favorite King’s Road Independent Escort:

King’s Road Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I am having a light lunch outside under the sun. I ordered a lovely large salad with red onions, olives, tuna, and a pot of hot water with fresh lemon juice. I am trying my best to keep in shape for you ;). As I am chewing away I can’t help but wonder where the oldest profession on earth will end up. More and more restrictions seem to arise on upon us. These restrictions are simply not solving what they clearly perceive as a problem, yet inconveniences working ladies like myself a huge deal.

If this is how it is for King’s Road Independent Escorts, what can we do? I worked very hard for the last three months on my website. I can say in all confidence that digital marketing is one of my strengths, as I have been working on it for years, due to my other business. At this point, I can say with confidence that the issue isn’t lack of knowledge or abilities. Furthermore, When I do have a date as Lana, I get great feedback and have already repeat dates. So, I feel I can say my abilities as an entertainer are also not the issue. On top of this, I have fun escorting and hope to be able to indulge in it more, especially from August.

But if all of the above isn’t the reason for my online current struggle, what is it? I am sure you wonder too. Here is what is happening. This massive digital platform (I best not say the name for obvious reasons), is very happy to collect data on everything and everyone, but at the same time discriminates against us. Now, I won’t go into it all because it is a lengthy explanation, and because it is as boring. However, what I will say is that there are written policies which directly discriminates against independent escorts like myself. This is without even considering how penalised we are in respect to how the search engine works.

Ffor sure you think that there can’t be a policy that directly discriminates against working-girls and especially high-class independent escorts. You couldn’t be more wrong I am afraid.  Fact is that the industry is systematically sabotaged and all members of the adult industry community are being penalised.

The bottom line is that I, as your favorite King’s Road Independent Escort, cannot pay for advertisement on this big bitch boss, I cannot rank high because the way search engine works ranks less relevant websites higher than me, because they do not even understand our industry and a number of other silly inconveniencies.

Here is my question. If this is the situation, what does it mean, and where will we end? Will we end up like Ireland? Personally, I do not think this would be the solution. I really do not understand why they can’t just accept that the best way to go about this is to support self-managed ladies who are into this profession and get read of all those who try to exploit us in one way or the other. In this way, only able and truly willing King’s Road Independent Escorts will stick around, and the vulnerable girls will fade.

This is not a rant. This is me adressing an issue I have learned about during the last three months, because I would like to know what your thoughts on this are. I hope you found today’s blog post thought provoking.

Your Pleausre Pursuer & King’s Road Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…