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Written By - Lana Morell

Monument Independent Escort Frustration Explained

Monument Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


I make no secret as a Monument Independent Escort that my absence from what was supposed to be an adventurous and exciting path as a high-class London escort, is now beginning to frustrate me quite a bit. I remember how thrilled I was as I was getting ready to start a new and very sexy chapter in my life.

As I had just begun my new lifestyle, I learned that I needed to put this whole Lana Morell’s World on hold so that I would have been able to get on with other things, which at present I must make a priority. this for sure isn’t the end of the world, especially knowing that I will be back (check my availability page to learn when I will be back). However, the frustration is there and it is building up. How to deal with it?

Last night I was watching a video on youtube about Diana’s life (the affairs and all). It occurred to me, as I was watching with great interest, that as troubled as she might have been, she still probably got laid way more than me at this time in my life… sad I know lol. I find comfort in the thought of my return in the fall, yet it seems so far away…

As I reflect on my current struggle with “abstinence”, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the gentleman who has sent me emails expressing interest in a date as soon as I will be back. To you, thank you. The prospect of a sensual date upon my return is both motivating and exciting.

I would so have liked to spend hot afternoons sweating away deep into passion and dry evening all my sensual energy before fading into the night deep sleep… perhaps with you? Who knows, I might find out upon my return ;). If you wish to date, do email me letting me know that you wish to date once I am back. I love to learn that I have a new friend to be made once back :).


Your Pleasure Pursuer &¬†Monument Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…