Meet Today Your Richmond Independent Escort!

Written By - Lana Morell

Why Not Date A Richmond Independent Escort?

Richmond Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

You might remember the blog post I wrote yesterday about a pick-nick with your favourite Richmond Independent Escort. Today I can’t help but suggest the very same, just in a different location, considering how wonderful the weather is. Have you noticed that it hasn’t rained for weeks now? Are you leaving Europe, yet acquiring a very European weather? An inflammatory topic I know (moving swiftly on lol).

Richmond is a magical place for me. Richmond has wonderful pubs, great restaurants, a fantastic park and nature/animals in it are nothing short than stunning. This is definitely a great location for a romantic afternoon together.

Perhaps we go for an afternoon walk in the park, stop for a lovely glass of wine somewhere under a tree (or behind it ;), and then go to Gaucho for an early dinner. What do you think? From Richmond, it would be very easy to retire to mine after dinner unless you wanted to go back to yours.

Richmond isn’t exactly part of Central London, yet it is very easy to access from Central London and to reach Central London from that part of London. If you are looking for a magical afternoon on a sunny summer day in London, do contact me. It will be my pleasure, but also yours, to discuss possibilities ;).

However, before I go today, I would like to ask you a courtesy. If you have decided to contact me after having read this, please do check my rates, availability before making contact. I would also ask that you already give the necessary time to yourself to evaluate your availability, and how much time you would like us to be together for. To contact me without having checked my rates, and without knowing anything in regards to scheduling presider etc, is a waste of your time. Please, let’s try to be efficient and respectful of each others time. Thank you for understanding.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Richmond Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…