Marble Arch Independent Escort Shopping Day

Written By - Lana Morell

Busy Shopping: Marble Arch Independent Escort!

Marble Arch Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I know, indulging again as your Marble Arch Independent Escort… What can I say, I am a lady of pleasures and indulgences! “But what is she talking about, shopping or something else?” Ah, that is for your imaginations to elaborate on and upon ;).

Today is another rather warm and pleasant day. I love summer so very much! I figured that since I will be away soon for a bit, I should go on a last London shopping spring… Last of the summer lol. Then autumn will arrive and… well, more fun to be had ;).

Today I am Marble Arch Independent Escort, yes. If you are looking for company you know my where about already. But I would also like to use today’s blog to remind you that I will soon vanish for a little while. I still do not have a date for you I am afraid, but I see me leaving towards the very end of this month or the very beginning of next month. This gives you a good enough idea as to when I will become unreachable.

Do not despair tho, as I will be back and full of energy and willingness by the end of July or so. In fact, the last few months were a gentle introduction to this whole new world of mine. I will be back and even more dedicated to you from the end of July. I hope this agrees with you because I love to be your Marble Arch Independent Escort!

So far I have only indulged in some adventures, rather than accepting every opportunity. This is true a bit because of work commitments, and a bit because I wish to keep it selective. Once back I will want to catch up with you a bit more ;).

During my absence, I will still be blogging and let you know how I get on. So please do not be shine to enquiry already for a date upon my return. During my absence, I will be more than happy to schedule a lovely date with you, as soon as I will be back! I will have so much spear energy then, that I will need you desperately ;). There is only so much a child can do with a toy you know! ;).

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Marble Arch Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…