Mansion House Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

History Of Mansion House Independent Escort:

Mansion House Independent Escort



Dear Pleasure Seeker,

How does the history of a Mansion House Independent Escort begins, and furthermore, how do Mansion House Independent Escorts make history? Have you ever wondered what is a woman’s path towards adult escorting?

Obviously, I cannot speak for anyone other than myself and I am aware that I am a consensual, independent and very willing case. Let’s face it, this is not always the case in the adult industry and we know it too well. Personally, I started thinking about becoming an independent escort for years, without really acting upon it. As one would say, it was all in the mind. Yet the fascination with this world and all its unconventional appeals proved to be hard to shake off and the universe has its way of teasing you in practical terms.

Over the year there were a couple of instances in which I have been approached and tempted. Nothing really happened as I was much too young in both my mind and my body. But as a result of this, I would say that a seed that had already been planted had been watered. If you would like to know more about this, feel free to ask during our date. Your Mansion House Independent Escort will be more than happy to go into details…it may even arouse you ;).

So yes, I would say that at least in my case, the becoming a Mansion House Independent Escort was all part of a path, a journey. I did not wake up one day and decided on the spot to become one of the most desirable independent escorts in Europe. But I do strive to become just that now :).

How does a Mansion House Independent Escort makes history? By loving what she does, remaining both independent and true to herself, and retaining personal and professional integrity and values.


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Mansion House Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…