Making The Most Of Heathrow Terminal 4 Independent Escort?

Written By - Lana Morell

How To Make The Most Of Heathrow Terminal 4 Independent Escort?

Heathrow Terminal 4 Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Let’s just say you were scheduled on an extremely short visit to London. The official plan was to fly in, attend meetings, and fly out back home. Perhaps to the USA? It all sounds rather demanding and stressful. It isn’t fun to fly to another continent just for meetings and then back, we all know that. How could you possibly seek a little bit of gratification and still feel you are making the most of every second of your London trip?

This is where I might be able to come up with a suggestion or two ;). Let us just assume that you have a few hours to spear. Did you know that Heathrow is actually a rather nice place to spend time in? There are restaurants, wine bars, some top-notch hotels, and some of the finest entertainment in the country! ;). Maybe you could arrange for me to come and visit you at Heathrow T4 as your chosen independent escort, and we could have dinner somewhere nice, before retiring to your room for a goodbye kiss.

It takes me approximately 30 minutes or less to reach Heathrow, depending on traffic. But if you simply had enough of hotels altogether, and would rather come to my place, so to experience a homely and welcoming experience, without the feeling of being at an airport or hotel, then you could reach me in 30 minutes or less. My place is easy to find by taxi, easy to reach, and easy to get a taxi from, once you are ready to make your way back to Heathrow T4. What more could you ask for!?

Whatever the plan, I as your Heathrow Terminal 4 Independent Escort, will do my best to accommodate your request, and promise that you and I will have a fabulous time together. the only thing you might feel the need to complain about by the end of our date will probably be that you wished we had more time together ;). I am looking forward to your arrival.

Your Pleasure Pursuer…

Lana Morell xxx…