Maida Vale Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

Is Maida Vale Independent Escort Watching The World Cup?

Maida Vale Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Pursuer,

Are you ready to watch the football World Cup game with your Maida Vale Independent Escort? This is metaphorically speaking of course. But I will be imagining you in Maida Vale, at your local pub, sitting outside with a cold beer, well positioned for that big TV screen and that even bigger football game! Who would have thought that after so many years, hope would have hand-brushed us again!

As for this Maida Vale Independent Escort, I will be doing exactly the same. In fact, everything is ready. Big TV outdoors, cold drinks ready, and comfortable settings of various kinds. This all prepared for a sociable 20 people gathering, just for the football match. IT is the World Cup after all.

If England won this time around, it would be incredible. IT would for sure make me very many people extremely happy. I mean, let’s remember that I wasn’t even born last time England won the World Cup. So yes, it would be about time really. I think I read somewhere that last time England won the Cup was in the 70s? Time for that cup to go around again, I say!

But there is one thing which can’t go unsaid. If England wins the world cup, which I sincerely hope it will happen, I will not be back by August lol. I am pretty confident it will take the country a lot longer than a month to get over the euphoria of winning once again since the 70s. So, as much as I want England to win, I know that that would mean that the whole world will never hear the end of it, at least until the next World Cup games. Be honest, admit it lol. You know it is true lol.

My neighbour saw me an hour ago and asked me if I am ready for the game. I enthusiastically said yes, that of course I am, after all, I need to know if I can buy my return ticket for August or not lol. Just kidding ;). Ok you guys, havve a fantastic and hopefully winning evening! I must go now.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Maida Vale Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…