Liverpool Street Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

Hot To: Liverpool Street Independent Escort Sleep Better & Hotter!

Liverpool Street Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,


After a rather difficult night due to the heath, your Liverpool Street Independent Escort wakes up this morning lacking two things, one being coffee, and the other being clarity of mind… until I found coffee! Then it all became clear at last.

Instead of complaining about the weather, we should be smarter and wiser. How to be smarter in such brain melting climate? The answer is simple yet shocking… or maybe not lol.

After a rather hot night, and an irritable start of the day because of it, I realised that:

a) It is way better to be irritable due to the weather and the lack of sleep than having an irritable bow syndrome 9imagine that!).

b) This weather actually enables us to be totally narcissistic and arrogant. Do you know why? Because it is perfectly fine to go around saying out loud how hot I am over and over again, without people giving me funny looks lol.

So, this morning I ordered my cappuccino as follow:” a cappuccino, but not too hot please, I am already hot enough”. isn’t it fantastic!? What, this is the kind of joke that an 8-year-old would pull? Who said I was joking dude? Besides, being a high-class escort does not mean I have to have a sense of humour fit for a BBC show, you know. Furthermore, guess what, I don’t care because I am hot lol!

Ok here comes the truth. I realised that I did not post a new blog for two days or so, yet I had no idea what to write today either. All I can do really is to take this opportunity to remind you to keep an eye on my availability page to be the first to learn when I will be back. The announced the frame given for my return, may shift a bit. Let’s see.


Your Liverpool Street Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…