Lancaster Gate Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

What Kind Of Lancaster Gate Independent Escort?

Lancaster Gate Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Today I checked my twitter. Someone chose to let me know his disappointment in this Lancaster Gate Independent Escort because I do not show my titties. Afterall, what kind of an escort does not shows her naked body including the pinky bits, right!? Sure you know I am being sarcastic right now! Yes, to some it is all about the meat. I forgot to ask if he goes by the pound. I wonder…

Here I am this morning, inspired to write to you by a zen place deep within myself (not my vagina). As I look out of the window, it feels as if I have made eye contact with the most gracious of all little birds. So little and cute that one may mistakingly assume the bird is frail… the bird is stronger than most and reaches far where many have failed… yet all I can do, is enjoy it’s company and continue to stare at nature, pure source of energy and inspiration.

So, why doesn’t this Lancaster Gate Independent Escort shows her titties like a pro? If you know me then you know that what I offer and indeed bring to the table is much more than a piece of my body with a hanging price tag. As much as I know too well what this is all about, I refuse to compromise my integrity and standards while I am doing it.

When you and I agree to meet, we mutually agree to embark on a journey of mutual seduction and discovery. I offer myself to you as a whole and complete human being equipped with powerful female powers and zero reservations. My body is for expression purposes only, yet not the source of my energy and sensuality. The source of my sensuality is to be found elsewhere. My weakness is romance, my passion is seduction.

Don’t worry, you do not need to say anything, I know. I will find my way to your inner self, you know, the part of yourself you keep locked away out of fear of being hurt or for appropriateness. By the time the hour of us having to part will have arrived, you will have realised that in the end, all you needed and always wanted was a friend, a special and sexy one. And so no, I don’t show my titties, I show me, my real self, that this is priceless! Have a fantastic day my love!


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Lancaster Gate Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…