Knightsbridge Fire: Important Alert!

Written By - Lana Morell

The Independent Escort Knightsbridge Fire: Important Alert!

Independent Escort Knightsbridge

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

This is a very serious and important news alert to all, but especially to you if you happen to be in the Knightsbridge area! Please read carefully.

If you are planning to visit Knightsbridge today (Wednesday the 6th of June 2018), rethink! There is a severe fire inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge. The fire is intense, the smoke is even more intense, and the chaos caused by passing by people, people evacuating the hotel, as well as the fire brigades, ambulance, and police, is insane. There is about a hundred firefighter on the scene. I think this gives you a good idea as to the scale of the incident.

Unless it is extremely urgent important that you reach Knightsbridge, I suggest you keep away. If you keep away for today you will spare yourself a lot of troubles, and quite frankly, I am sure you will be also making the authorities life much easier. the road right by Harrods is famously congested. I can only imagine what the traffic situation must be like there, right now.

Today’s blog was a spontaneous blog post, which is not intended for entertainment purposes. Today article is intended as a contribution, in the hope that some of you will read this and plan accordingly. I sincerely hope this was of help to someone if not most.

I would love to make jokes on how whoever was there, inside the hotel should have called me to put their fire off, but in all honesty, the situation seems serious and therefore I much rather just hope nobody got hurt. It looks pretty ugly from here.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Independent Escort Knightsbridge…

Lana Morell xxx…