Kensington Olympia Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

Kensington Olympia Independent Escort Laziness Du Jour…

 Kensington Olympia Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


Your  Kensington Olympia Independent Escort did it dirty, my darling. Or to be more precise, I should say that today I didn’t do it either clean or dirty… In fact, I hardly did anything at all! Yes, it is official, today I am being uber lazy, shoot me for it (metaphorically speaking lol).

I feel a little guilty for having waisted almost a day so far, yet I also feel bloody good, after having had a good rest. Shameful, I know lol. But did I really spend the whole morning in bed? Yes, I did and I am saying it with no pride, but with a lot of excitement :). It was so nice! At first, I naturally wake up at 6 am as I naturally do every day of my life (yes, I normally get up that early, so please don’t you start over just one day lol), but then I flipped. I decided that I was going to stay in bed and daydream for as long as my imagination would allow. That was until 2 pm, which gives you a good indication as to how wide and wild my imagination is ;).

I got up, had my coffee, showered, and as I was getting dressed I learned that there is water on Mars. The reporter described it as “Mars being wet and warm”… Boys, that did trigger me lol! As I was experiencing mild arousal over the Mars thing, I realised that the trump wasn’t mentioned today… Therefore I am left to assume he simply did not tweet today.

And so now I am sitting here writing to you. You know, this daily blog writing reminds me of when my first boyfriend ever was sent away (army) for three months. I wrote to him every single day of his absence. Any regrets? No, it was a great writing exercise lol.



A mild correction to my blog, as there is more, and that is all summarised in one episode of my favourite American show. You must watch this!

Your Pleasure Pursuer &  Kensington Olympia Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…