Are Female Independent Escort Services All You Want?

Written By - Lana Morell

female independent escort services

Are Female Independent Escort Services All You Want?

If female independent escort services are all you want, I am probably not the girl for you. If a quick “session” is all you care for, then you and I are probably not compatible and therefore you are probably better off seeing someone else. What I provide is very different to that and I will explain how so in the following blog post below. In fact, in this blog post, I will also address a couple of things which you may choose to hold in mind when choosing the right lady for you, to ensure both that you will have a satisfactory experience, and that you stay within the legal frame. Yep, there is that too. I am not being a party pooper. I am just trying to help the community here.

The Legal Side Of Visiting A Female Independent Escort Offering Services:

Recently I have been reading all sorts of comments written by punters on various forums, in order to familiarise with escorting in general. Personally, I found some of does comments disturbing. Normally I refer to gents like you as a hobbyist, but today we are talking about punters (them, not you). One guy was complaining about how the girl did not want to be there and therefore looked upset throughout the whole hour he paid for. This is the punter’s words, not mine. Now, you would think that this person would realise that continuing with a “session”, after having realised that the lady does not actually want to do what she is doing at that time, is classified by the law as a crime. Obviously not, and on top of it, this person goes on to forums complaining about the “service” he experienced as a disappointed consumer.

In this case, it is obvious that this particular person isn’t a nice one. Yet it is also true that even a decent hobbyist can find him or herself in this situation by mistake. This is true, especially for beginners hobbyists. How to avoid this scenario? And is it at all possible to avoid it all together?

How To Avoid Bad Female Independent Escort Services:

The good news is that it is possible to avoid bad female independent escort services. The bad news is that it takes a bit of legwork. It isn’t that difficult to ensure a positive experience. Yet there are a few things to look for. What you need is:

  • How to stay safe: Be realistic. If a lady asks for hundred pounds or so, chances are she may has a drug issue, mental health issues, or a pimp hiding in the closet. Think of it like shopping in general. If you go to Asda, you know that once you washed your new items once, the game is more luckily to be over, and it never felt that great wearing it up to that point anyway. If you shop in Harrods, the quality of your new items is by far superior, ensuring a long-lasting deeply uplifting experience.
  • How to stay legal: Also, the word “services” in itself is a clue giver! If the website text is impersonal and commercial, chances are that the person writing it is a third party and not the lady herself. When reading that, just remember that as women, no matter how much and how we monetise what we do, it will never cease to be personal to us. It is our bodies at the end of the day. This is why I call it an experience because I understand that what I do, I am doing it to you, but also to myself. This is also why I do it as well as I possibly can. I want to feel good when with you! Good experiences make you and those around you feel good. A service instead, it is more about something the lady does to the punter with little regards for her self. In my view, if the lady does not care how what she does makes her feel, there is a problem.

My Conclusion On Female Independent Escort Services:

When searching for company, think about the kind of words are used on the website of the lady. Ask yourself if you can sense any passion and or personality. In a sense, try to empathise with that lady, through her own words, and visualise what she may be like as a person. If you follow these simple steps, I bet you will begin to notice things you never noticed before. And who knows, you may even end up having better experiences.

Please note that what I share on this blog are my experiences and opinions. You are not required to agree with every or anything. Yet it is my expectation that my views are respected. You are however welcome to challenge them by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

I am looking forward to either be hearing from you or to read your comments. You could also share your experience as a hobbyist if you wanted. But what is most important is that this blog may be of assistance to at least a few.

Your Female Independent Escort Providing much More Than A Service!

Lana Morell xxx…