It takes a lot to become an Independent Escort Central London…

Written By - Lana Morell

Independent escort Central London

It takes a lot to become an Independent Escort Central London…

To Become an Independent Escort Central London is by far as easy as people think. This is true from an emotional, psychological, social, practical, and economical point of view. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the majority of self-managed escorts would say that it took them years to reach their actual starting point. Just moving to the city of London is quite a shock to the system, especially from a financial point of view. Of course, London is an incredible city. Yet no-one can deny it is also horribly expensive.

To move to such a part of the world before even starting as an escort takes resources, courage, and determination. It took me one year just to decide to make this move for example. I am not suggesting for a second that this is for sure the case for everybody. But in my case, it did take quite some time. I might be a bit slow in decision making at times, but once I do, boys there is no stopping me! I am as determined as they come my lovely! But let us look at various aspects of the commitment it takes us ladies, to begin this amazing lifestyle.

The emotional element

From an emotional point of view, a lady will find herself having to decide how to manage both private and professional life. This of course, if the lady wishes to create some kind of separation between the two. Reasons for such a choice can be many. Perhaps the lady in question already is in a relationship (this would make a good topic for another blog), or perhaps she has children and naturally feels protective, or perhaps she just does not know how to tell her family.

Of course, there are also many ladies who like myself do not have all of these things to manage. This is why I am very relaxed with my pleasure seekers. But the one thing we all have in common, regardless as to what we decide to, and how we decide to manage this site of the lifestyle choice, is that we all had to think about this aspect of escorting and make a choice at some point. Trust me, it is a big personal choice to make.

The psychological component

Not everybody has the psychological makeup it takes to become a happy and successful Independent Escort in Central London. Personally, I enjoy what I do very much. Yet I would admit that every now and then I happen to come across someone who is more interested in taking his neurosis out on me, than having fun together. I am ok with it because it happens rarely, and also because I am a woman of a confident and assertive personality. Besides, we are not talking about anything major. Just a couple of little things. Do you know what I mean? So yes, I am fine and I am actually having a fabulous time doing what I do. Yet this isn’t necessarily true for all of us.

The social factor

We all have family, friends, and colleagues perhaps to worry about, as mentioned earlier. I know some ladies simply live split lives because they know their loved ones wouldn’t understand. And I told you that I have decided I will do the very same. Brought up as a Catholic, there is no way I could explain this to my loved ones and be understood. In fact, I suspect crucifixion may be more luckily in my case. I am joking of course. But it is true that what I have decided to do, will never be accepted. So yes, most of us live double lives. Not always easy trust me! But it is fun, in a perverse way 😉

The practical aspect

The amount of marketing and adjustment this lifestyle requires, like for example relocating, is for sure insane. Even an already smart lady will need to acquire new skills to adapt and keep up with what is now almost an exclusively digital world. This is true at least as far as marketing is concerned. It is a slow process, time-consuming, requiring a different range of creative skills. All of this before we even get to meet you!

The economic reality

To start with, relocation is expensive. If an escort has to relocate to make herself more appealing to potential hobbyists, which means it will for sure be expensive above the average. I personally live in Kensington. Kensington does not come cheap, especially in my specific location, which is more on the higher end of the borough. Once you have settled in and the kettle is on, you, as a courtesan to be, are faced with marketing costs on top of living costs. That alone can run up to thousands of pounds. And please, let us hold in mind that all the above mentioned are castle and expenses incurred before the lady in question even starts making a penny!

The physiological disposition

Some women are simply more or less sexual than others. This is a very simple and undeniable fact. I know many think that we all fake and that is it. Trust me, there is no way you can become a high-level Independent Escort Central London if you do not enjoy sex above the average! I do not care what you have heard, read, or thought. To be a high-end escort you must have a very high sex drive! In my case, I can honestly say that money was not the only drive for me. I wasn’t getting a lot of sex before becoming an escort. This in itself was a problem because I need it a lot (I hope you will be willing to help out on this one ;). If I do not have sex I become frustrated. This is simply how I am.

The money and the lifestyle are good too I am sure, but I really enjoy the physical side of things. Call me crazy! I do wonder if I have a sex addiction, and I even thought about seeking a professional opinion on the matter. But then I thought to myself, why analyse it if I am happy? I don’t want to see a professional that might spoil it for me psychologically. Besides, who is to say that a high sex drive is an issue? In my opinion, does with a low sex drive have an issue. I am very fit for my body and my mind. I love sex and I am smart enough to monetise it. It is as simple as that… for some! If you are a woman reading this, could you have sex with different men, ages, personalities, etc, and actually enjoy it to the point of climax? Ah, not so simple after all!


I went to a great length in order to be able to live my life in a more satisfactory manner to me. I am so ready to have as much fun as one can have. And I am ready to experience the insane excitement. What are you waiting for? Contact me today!

Ultimately we should all do what makes us happy. I have decided to become more congruent with the way I live my life. I hope most can say the same. In the end, tho, let’s remember that it isn’t much what we do, but how we do it ;).

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Thank you so much for reading my first blog post!

Lana Morell xxx…