Is West Hampstead Independent Escort Building A Bikini Line?

Written By - Lana Morell

Why Wouldn’t This West Hampstead Independent Escort Work On A Bikini Line?

West Hampstead Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Of course, I, your West Hampstead Independent Escort, am working on a deeply marked bikini line. Afterall, Mediterraneans are known for being suntan goddesses! Mediterraneans can be rather competitive when it comes to who has the most pronounced tan. It is amazing how much pride some take in how much darker than everyone else they can become.

Tanning as much as possible in summer becomes somewhat a bit of a national competition to which not everybody takes part, but of which everyone is aware of. personally, I don’t like to overdo it, but I still work on a respectable bikini line.

I know that sunbathing is not good for the skin, yet it is so sexy to have that bikini line between a perfectly tanned bronze skin, and the paler hidden skin. It is just sexy. When tanned we look so much more beautiful! when by the see site I don’t feel the need to apply any makeup. To me, it seems that a tan is just all you need to look hot. Take me now for example, I have a tan and all I do is no makeup, a fresh shower, hair up in a ponytail, and a light easy and feminine summer dress, and I feel so good in myself.

Allow me also to say without any false modesty, yet also without any arrogance, that me being blessed with a D cup, I always seem to have a rather intriguing and interesting bikini line, more so than the average. I never go topless, yet it virtually impossible for me not to get a substantial amount of attention on the beach. Wanna tan together? ;). Let me know if you want to explore that bikini line, and see where it ends or where it takes you ;).


Your Pleasure Pursuer & West Hampstead Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…