Interesting Facts About Mornington Crescent Independent Escort!

Written By - Lana Morell

Would You Think These Facts On Mornington Crescent Independent Escort Interesting?

Mornington Crescent Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I have been writing daily blog posts as your Mornington Crescent Independent Escort for a few months now. How do you feel about it? Do you actually read independent escorts blog posts? If you do read them, what do you hope to read and learn from them?

As your dedicated Mornington Crescent Independent Escort, I have been wondering on what you might wish to know about me. I wrote about my escorting beginning, I shared some of the challenges escorts face in this industry and gave my take on it. I also gave you a good hint I like to think, about the kind of dates I enjoy and experience. Yet I would love to receive a feedback, to learn if this is the kind of stuff you wish to read.

I think a couple of months ago, I did ask you to use the box below for suggestions and recommendations on what you would like me to write about, but to be honest, I did not receive much of a response on that. So, don’t be mad at me if this blog post isn’t exactly what you were hoping for. Once again, feel free to suggest topics for blog posts, using the box below. Your email/details will remain confidential.

Until someone actually gives this Mornington Crescent Independent Escort some suggestions on what to blog about, I will carry on as my usual silly self :). Sometimes it is going to be my exciting adventures, sometimes, it will be about things I learn about the industry and I may not like, and sometimes, I might even surprise you with facts about the industry I have learned and love. I hope this is ok with you. So far I know I love spending time with you, and that my only struggle are some of the individuals who are part of the machine. But this might change over time, who knows. Stay tuned to find out ;).

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Mornington Crescent Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…