Independent Escort Kensington

Written By - Lana Morell

1st Independent Escort Kensington For Christmas

1st Independent Escort Kensington 



Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Hello, my lovely and sensual Pleasure Seeker! Guess who will be around for Christmas? Yep, this 1st Independent Escort Kensington! Since it hasn’t been long at all since I have started this adventure, and since I am not a major Christmas fun, I have decided to make myself available for dating throughout Christmas festivities.

If you are around and fancy some company, do get in touch. We could arrange a wonderfully cosy and romantic Christmas date. We could have our own very private party for two… It could be very pleasurable ;).

To arrange a sensually cosy date for two over Christmas I will need one week notice. For a longer date, I am available for both incall and outcall. Any suggestions? ;).

1st Independent Escort Kensington  For Christmas! Lana Morell