Independent Escort Central London

Written By - Lana Morell

How Important Is To Be An Independent Escort Central London?

Independent Escort Central London


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As the good old saying goes “location location location”! As an Independent Escort Central London, I have come to realise how important being placed in a good location is. In fact, my location is so good, I hardly give it away in my location page ;). But I do give you plenty of hints ;).

I received another email which was wondering why I have so many tube station listed on my locations page. I gracefully suggested yesterday blog post as recommended reading for the day lol (no, I did not ;).

On a more serious note, yes I like to be discreet and this has been well and truly established. However, there are also other reasons why I have so many tube stations listed. You see, to be placed in an optimal location as an adult entertainer is key, I have come to realise. It is ever so important that you can reach me swiftly, easily, and discreetly, and of course, from anywhere you are.

For this very reason, I am in a niche location, which is surrounded by a number of tube stations and overground station. I am able to also provide safe and secure parking and spear you the stress of having to go to a property right in front of shops or restaurants.  Where I am there is a non-stopping area which means there will not be people standing or sitting around watching you enter my building.

You will find that I always ask from which part of town you intend to reach me from so that I can give you the best option tube wise or parking wise. With this Independent Escort Central London, even your journey to see me is custom tailored. Not bad eh ;).

So yes, discretion is still key, yet smart locations are for the finest.


Your Independent Escort Central London…


Lana Morell xxx…