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Written By - Lana Morell

How Is Imperial Wharf Independent Escort Feeling Today?


Imperial Wharf Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


After my most recent blog post as your favourite Imperial Wharf Independent Escort, you might be asking how I am feeling about Donald Trump visit to the UK at this point (a name which he hinted he does not like very much). It seems the president of the USA would prefer us to only refer to this country as England, and not as Great Britain. Well, the short answer to how am I feeling is simple. I am feeling bloody fantastic, especially after having learned the massive, and I will repeat, MASSIVE fuck up of the trump in Finland. Yep, hun, it wasn’t just a bad dream… it did really happen. Sorry (not). And if you think that all there is to it was mentioned on mainstream media, think again. The real whole disastrous thing is properly dissected online, to an extent you won’t imagine. But I warn you, if you wish to go the online route, I suggest a week off work!

This is why I feel I can say in all confidence that there were at least two women who kicked off their shoes and put their feet up to enjoy “the trump show”, but I am sure there were many others. I cannot include myself you see, this is a public blog meaning I should strive to remain impartial (lmao, endlessly for that matter). So, who are the other two women feeling and who are they (giggles)? For sure one has to be the Queen, the three of them (the Queen always speaks and is spoken to in the third person you see) and the other can’t be anyone but Theresa May. They couldn’t possibly be feeling any less vindicated than this, let me tell you. I know, I know, you must think that I am a bitch in writing this blog… Well, they do say Karma is a bitch for a reason sweetheart! Therefore here is my tiny love letter for our PM:

Dear Theresa May, yes he came, shat on the Queen, spat in your eye and waisted our money. But here is a glim of light in the dark of our times; the breathing blimps made it to Finland (by plain in case you wondered lol), met Putin, and him the trump, not his wife, not his supporters, not his enemies, nobody other than him himself as being the trump we know him to be, FUCKED IT AAALLL UP for his country. So, dear Theresa, if you felt the overwhelming desire to push the trump under a moving train, you no longer need to feel that way, because guess what, he himself did that to himself for yours and for millions of more peoples gratification.

I rest assured and remain confident that we can now go about our more serious business, being surviving to the best of our abilities this thing called Brexit, while America deals with… that issue/thing of theirs.

I would like to conclude today’s blog by expressing to the American people support and love as I understand too well that they are having to deal with even a bigger challenge than we do over here. I am confident a resolution to this situation will follow in due course, whatever that may be. As Obama said, “Trump is nothing more than a comma in US history”. That might be why I never liked grammar all that much… in case you have been wondering ;).


Your Opinionated Pleasure Pursuer & Imperial Wharf Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…