How To Spend A Day As Independent Escort Kensington?

Written By - Lana Morell

How To Spend A Day As Independent Escort Kensington?

How To Spend A Day As Independent Escort Kensington?

Today I decided to take the whole day off from my business and spend the day solely as an independent escort Kensington. I have a new someone to run my business for me now when I am not around. Therefore, it would be fair to say it would be best to stick around the business to make sure this new employee does not destroy what it took me years to build. The reality of the matter today is that I need a rest. I haven’t had a day off in ages. Today is my day off. On reflection, today would be the ideal day for you to make contact with me ;).

What Did Independent Escort Kensington Lana Do The First Half Of Today?

Well, first of all, I slept until very late. I wake up feeling a bit all over the place because I am not used to sleeping this much and until so late. I then had my coffee, watered the plants as I was having a chat with them. Apparently, it makes them feel good and grow better if you talk or sing to them. There is something rather enjoyable about having that first five minutes to yourself and the plants. It is a way to start the day in a gentle manner. This is a much better way than rushing out of the house to go to a busy and at time stressful job.

I then went to Harrods to have breakfast. I figured that the best way to celebrate my upcoming independent escort Kensington career is by having breakfast at Harrods. It was very nice. And yes I know that it has only being a few days since I had breakfast in Knightsbridge. I like it! You know what they say, work hard and play harder. Well, I do just that ;). Hopefully, I will be able to treat myself in this way more often, if the new employee does a good job.

Independent escorts Kensington & Harrods:

After breakfast at Harrods, I came back home and started doing a couple of things, before sitting down to write this blog post. To be honest with you, I am not quite sure as to what to do for the rest of my day. I think I will go to check my vegetable patch (yes I grow some on my own and love it. They need little attention). After that, I will either sit in the garden if the weather allows it, or I might go back to Harrods for a wander around the place and a coffee. I think they rearranged quite a bit of the ground floor space in Harrods. There now is a nice coffee with cakes in the middle of the food hall, that looks a bit like a wine bar. Interesting set up for coffee and cakes. But I like it. It makes that particular area in Harrods very sociable.

Conclusion On A Day As Independent Escort Kensington:

Today is definitely a good day. So far my day is proving to be relaxing and enjoyable. However, I struggle to see myself strolling around like this every day of the week. I think I will find it a bit boring. I don’t know yet. A part of me thinks it would be very pleasurable and luxurious to spend every day of the week like this. Another part of me thinks that I would go crazy with so little to do. I don’t think a day is enough to form an opinion, especially considering that I do not really know if every day in an escort life is really like this. I mean, do establish ladies keep busy as an escort? Do they spend the whole day out having fun and shopping for designers, or are they indoors working on promotion?

I would love to be able to have this conversation with an established working lady. I will probably slot into a routine at the end, where I dedicate the morning to my business, and then be an escort in the afternoon unless I have other things to get on with. But what I do know, is that I want to have weekends off. I mean, every weekend! Then if I am to juggle a million things during the week its fine. But I would love to get my weekends back.

You still did not tell me what you would like me to write about on this blog. To suggest what I should be writing about, post a comment in the comment box provided below.

Lana Morell xxx…