How This independent Escort West End SW5 Gets On?

Written By - Lana Morell

How This independent Escort West End SW5 Gets On?

How This independent Escort West End SW5 Gets On?

Well, This independent escort West End (sw5 to be specific), is getting on rather well, thank you very much. In fact, it is hard to tell anyone living in the West End of London, would have anything to be unhappy about. I am exclusively referring to the whole being in such a beautiful part of town. Of course, everyone has problems. I am not for a second suggesting we ladies of pleasures are free of life challenges. Yet it is true that being in such a wonderfully busy area, it makes it easy not to get bored, since there is so much to do, and is more exciting than it would be if I was in the countryside. This, of course, assuming I wouldn’t have horses, dogs etc, which I totally love. If I did, then it would be a different source of joy.

Let’s Stay In The West End:

In case you don’t know, The West End in London is where to go for anything thing entertainment related. So, if you are thinking going out, you are speaking East End. If you want to go for a nice dinner, the theatre, opera, shopping, or simply drinks, you will probably end up in the West End somewhere. The West End is made up by different areas of London, all in the West part of the city. Each area may be appealing to different pockets and different interests. mayfair is a truly beautiful part of the city, where the most affluent like to go to. Many find Covent Gardens and areas like Oxford Street, more approachable. If you were after spending some time with an upscale independent escort like myself, you might end up in SW5, which stands for South West. you pick! ;).

Yesterday I was in the NW part of the West end…

Yesterday I was in Paddington, which is not great for a Sunday afternoon. Yet it is extremely conveniently located and very well connected to all transportations. Besides, the company was great, so who cares about location ;). Also, Paddington is very close to the Westbourne Park area, which has some really nice places to go to for a nice meal or drinks. A bit less touristy (until I finished writing this blog post lol) and a lot more fine locals. That is indeed where I ended up going in the evening. I had a fabulous time there in the evening.

As you can see all one has to do in the West End part of London is to pick an area, and a wonderful time out will follow. If you can afford it that is! I never said it was cheap here. If you are just visiting London, I suggest you plan in advance what you want to see/visit. London is a very big city. In order to make the most of your visit to this city, I suggest you plan in advance all you want to experience.

Conclusion Of The SW5 Independent Lady Of pleasures…

Since today it is a self-confessed washout of a day here in West London, I think I am only going to stay in and get on with things which really needs doing. I will probably only make it to a couple of offices which are not too far from where I am based. But that is it for such a wet day… the day, not me, or maybe yes me too  ;). But not telling, come and check lol. Just waiting for the weather to turn nice so that I can plan an evening out with friends. I am like a cat, water isn’t my thing. Will keep you posted.
Lana Morell xxx…