High-class independent courtesan Westminster

Written By - Lana Morell

High-class independent courtesan Westminster

How to be a High-class independent courtesan Westminster?

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As a High-class independent courtesan Westminster wanna be, I would admit that it isn’t easy. For what I have noticed and learned so far, this industry is simply too messy, saturated, and in some ways dysfunctional. Therefore, I will admit that I am finding it more difficult than anticipated. It seems to me that gentlemen are lost in a rather muddy pool when searching for the right companion, and the girls are simply struggling and compromising too much.

I spoke to a few ladies who live in London, yet no longer entertain in London. They explained that more and more girls are leaving Central London moving to smaller cities/towns and compromising on their rates, or they even go to other countries seeking better financial rewards.

Perhaps it isn’t right for me to say what the problem is in the London escorts industry. But I do feel I have observed enough to share my thoughts and opinion on what it seems to me is going on. Because I think that even if nobody really has the answers, it is still healthy to have an honest interaction between companions like myself and hobbyists. Perhaps we could work together on this to fix it?!

Things I think are contributing factors to the malfunctioning of this particular industry are many. I will try to mention them all here. First of all, this industry isn’t really in anyway regulated, which means there are by far too many agencies and too many directories, along with a bunch of other sad little websites covering the lowest of the lowest. The fact that this industry isn’t regulated, it means that the girls are from all over, some are registered, some are not. Then we have mental health, addictions, and a whole bunch of directories and agencies which some in my view are abusive or borderline abusive, or unprofessional. Of course, there are also the good guys. This does not even go to cover the “boyfriends” aka pimps. But today I am explaining the bad guys and how the lack of regulation and legitimisation is letting them swim free.

Because this industry is not at all regulated an all sorts of dysfunctional individuals have easy access to it, it means that girls have to be on very many websites with different rates, etc to get bookings. This, of course, backfires on you, because this means that you may be paying a lot of money for a lady who also advertises for half of the money on another website. So, how on earth are some standards to be kept in place in this way? Of course, you can do your research, but this means you, like the girls, are having to research and therefore spend a lot of time on something that should be a lot quicker and easier.

On top of this, there are all sort of scams apparently, and a tonne of girls who do not even understand the difference and structure of different markets levels, and consequently they advertise providing the service matching one bracket of the market when the price tag belongs more to a different price tag. It is chaos!

In every other industry, all of these things are regulated in one way or the other. How come this industry is still so messy in a city in which apparently there is a huge market for it? If you know the answer feel free to share in the comment box below, please.

Yesterday I was chatting with this other High-class independent courtesan Westminster who thinks that the problem is the mass influx of ladies from the east. This lady explained they are destroying the market. Personally, I wouldn’t know, but it was interesting to hear a different take on this subject.

How do you feel about this topic and how do you think this is repairable, this of course, if you at all feel it is reparable. I think that the best thing I can do is to stick to my integrity, stick to my rates and not compromise on them, and keep building up whats good. If this does not work in the end, it is not the end of the world as I have a business already. But I would like it to be fun and I would like to have my fair share of adventures ;).

Perhaps we could gradually all gravitate towards the healthy, professional, and productive websites only and forget about the bad ones? This alone would wipe out half of the excess escorts directories out there, and make my and your life easier.

What do you think would be helpfull? I would love to hear a reflective, educated point of view from the other site. I think this has the potential to be something great for everybody. So why not get together to make it a better place for everybody?! Just a thought.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & High-class independent courtesan Westminster


Lana Morell xxx…