High-class independent courtesan The City Of London

Written By - Lana Morell

Initial experiences of a High-class independent courtesan The City Of London

High-class independent courtesan The City Of London

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I have been thinking about whether it is appropriate to write this blog on this particular matter or not. After protracted pondering, I have decided it is indeed appropriate for me to share my experiences behind the scenes with you. I wish to share a few things with you so that you have a better understanding of the challenges escorts and courtesans face in this rather dysfunctional industry. I think it will also give you a better idea of how to be the ideal “client” should you care to strive for that. If you are an escort/courtesan yourself and are reading this, please do read on as you might find it both extremely relatable and inspiring. In fact, in this blog post, there is food for everyone’s mind.

First of all, I would like to point out that I am very fortunate in that I love meeting you, spend time together, and the experiences you are enabling me to have. for all the mentioned blessings, I would like to thank you. My issue isn’t with pleasure seekers like yourself. My issue is with so-called ‘professionals” who manage directories for working ladies and associates.

The perspective of a High-class independent courtesan The City Of London:

Before I give you an informative account of my experiences of escort directories, allow me to share my cognitive angle in general. I have my own business which I love very much and which took me years to build up to what it is today. Being a High-class independent courtesan The City Of London is a side thing which enables me to fulfil the needs of my ever so hungry alter-ego, but by no means escorting is my main focus in life. This is indeed why I make a point of letting you know that I only entertain as a courtesan on a part-time base and part of the reason my rates are high. I am a very low volume independent courtesan who is more interested in quality than quantity.

Now, this has little bearing on what I wish to share with you today. Yet it might convey to you that my experience in the business world is extensive and goes by far beyond being a courtesan. When I deal with other companies for my other/main business, I find myself always dealing with mature, professional, respectful, focused, and reasonable individuals/professionals. In years of running my own business, I have never come across inappropriate and/or neurotic behaviours. I, of course,  behave in the very same manner as a professional should do.

High-class independent courtesan The City Of London Facts…

What happened? I have now been working on my new website as a High-class independent courtesan The City Of London for the past 3/4 months. This entails writing blogs, running social media, engage with banner and links exchange, and advertising on independent escort directories. This is where the problem begins.

The way advertising on escort directories works is that a professional lady like myself can advertise for free (exposure is almost non-existent) to benefit from higher ranking on Google, or we can pay to have our add features with substantial more exposure. Common sense suggests that one, especially at the beginning, will start advertising for free, also to get a feel for the people she is having to deal with. If it all goes well, of course, it is in my interest to progress to a paid advertisement. Who does not want to see results?!

High-class independent courtesan The City Of London sad truth…

What I have shared so far is my way and logic as I apply it daily in my life. I stupidly assumed that in this industry, people would have enough common sense to understand that a professional and respectful approach towards potential customers (advertisers) is essential to survive in an industry like this, like in any other, right? Wrong!

So far I have experienced a one-word email reply, a huge amount of arrogance and rudeness, complete lack of efficiency and professionalism, and profuse dishonesty was the worst case scenario! This thank goodness does not apply to all directories, but to a considerable number of them. I then exchange thoughts with other girls also going through the same journey as courtesans, and I learn that even when they pay, they are treated poorly, and the rather expensive adds to not generate much anyways. What? Is this some kind of joke? No, this is the sad truth of a High-class independent courtesan The City Of London.


Perhaps it is time and definitely appropriate we share these uncomfortable bits of escorting reality in a public manner. Perhaps it is time to address this issue because I think being a courtesan could be a thousand times better if we did not have to deal with this negativity from time to time.

Let us remind ourselves that abuse comes in many different shapes and forms. There is financial, psychological, physical, social, emotional, and many other types of forms of abuse. I also wish to remind all of ourselves that if a business makes themselves unappealing in one way or the other, eventually they will fade. This is the natural progression, or regression in some cases, of business.

And finally, as a hobbyist, you also can help regulate this aspect of the industry. How? In the same way, you take your time to research us, ladies of pleasure. Do tell us where you found and ask us what our experience of a specific escorts directory is like. Once you learn from us which directories are worth supporting and which directories are not worth that support, you can make an informed choice.

I sincerely hope you found this article both informative and interesting as a hobbyist, and if you are a provider, I hope this was in some ways helpful to you.

Your Pleasure Pursuer and…

High-class independent courtesan The City Of London…

Lana Morell xxx…