Fun With Warwick Avenue Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell


What Constitute Fun With Warwick Avenue Independent Escort?

Warwick Avenue Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

What does constitute fun with a Warwick Avenue Independent Escort to you? If 50 shades of grey is the only way you think fun is to be had, I suggest you look the other way now, because I am about to shock you with my today’s whereabouts.

I assume that after such a dramatic start of today’s blog, you are probably waiting for me to tell you some crazy story about some crazy happening. Well, not quite, unless you consider a trip to the store to buy a hoover highly exciting. Yeah, I knew I was gonna disappoint today ;(.

Although in y defence I will say that a lot can happen with a hoover. I mean, let’s not pretend you and I did not read any of the juicy articles dished out by the press over the years… and that is just what they bothered to report.

Could hoovers become the new and hot replacement for Warwick Avenue Independent Escorts? If that is where it is all heading, be my guest. However, I do suggest you are particularly careful as to the brand you choose. My understanding is that the better the make, the stronger the “suction”. I mean, I assume that if you were to explore that avenue, you would do that in the hope of experiencing the time of your life… not ‘the only time’ of your life. Don’t resent my comments, I am just trying to avoid/prevent a disaster.

Let me tell you one thing, I personally think that nothing can replace the real thing, and I secretly wonder what kind of person would experiment with…” such things”. All I will say in addition to this is that I am off to buy a Dyson today. Yes, today I am off to buy a Dyson hoover, the ultra-modern, ultra powerful one. My understanding is that such experimentation with that kind of powerful machine, and you will end up loosing “a lot”.

You must be thinking that I lost it and wonder how such a topic even came about. I have not lost it yet…merely because we have not met at this stage lol. I just read of such incident in a random paper and I thought I share it with you since it is funny…painful to some lol, but funny to me.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Warwick Avenue Independent Escort…

Lana Morell,