Friday Evening City Airport Independent Escort?

Written By - Lana Morell

What Is City Airport Independent Escort Like?

City Airport Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As your Pleasure Pursuer and City Airport Independent Escort, I like to think I am a lot of fun to be with on a multidimensional level, which sort of means on many levels. Luckily enough, I am beginning to receive reviews suggesting this and more. However, Friday night at City Airport I would admit its a little crazy!

Friday evening is when workers fly back to their home city after a long working week. This is why they begin to celebrate the weekend at the airport… Yes, at the airport! Believe me when I say I have never seen so much beer, wine, and whiskey being consumed inside an airport! It got a little too much at some point and Airport personnel had to step in to calm things down. I was so glad I was not on the same plain as the inebriated people were.

Anyways, back to my reviews. As I mentioned earlier, I have gathered a small but flattering collection of reviews on different platforms. Some are more relevant and trustworthy than others, just in case you wonder. There is a reason I am saying this. Read on, please.

About a week ago, I was twiting my soul away (follow me on twitter!), when I see this tweet from a review website, promoting a review about me. Now, you will probably think “surely there is nothing wrong with that since it brings you publicity too right?”. Yes if it wasn’t that they went much further with that! They went as far as going to my website, steel a photo of me with my full face, and ad that photo to their ad. Now, I am not a lawyer, but that I know to be my intellectual property. Furthermore, I NEVER use photos with my face on third parties platforms, simply because… well, they aren’t trustworthy as they have proved once more in this case!

To summarise, some reviewed me on their website, they stole a photo of me with full face and used it on both twitter and their platform. On top of this, they did this to someone (me) who does not show her face anywhere else other than my own website! Now, this is where I begin to have a problem!

Why is this City Airport Independent Escort sharing this with you?

I think it is important that we think about who we support and who we let go off. For example, years ago I stopped going to a particular kebab place because the owner of the place was awful to his workers. After eight years I went back there, not to buy, but just with a friend who wanted to buy some food there. The owner saw me and recognised me after eight long years. He was quick to ask me why I stopped going there. I told him why. He did not reply as he knew I was telling the truth.

You see, I do think about who and how I support when spending my money. If everyone was to do this, many more environments would be so much better! Do you pay attention as to who or what you support when spending your money? The bottom line is we can make any environment a better place, even in the escorting world where so much dysfunction seems to prolifer.

My lovely, I shared my thoughts of the day and hopefully gave you some food for thought. It is now time to get on with a few sunday tasks. I wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Your Pleasure Pursuer and City Airport Independent Escort…
Lana Morell xxx…