Final Thoughts On Politics From Pimlico Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

Pimlico Independent Escort Final Thoughts On Trump:

Pimlico Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


You may agree or disagree on what I am about to say, and even find mild amusement in reading this Pimlico Independent Escort blog post of today. But one thing we are all compelled to do is to read the text in the picture I posted and relate it to the Trump visit to the UK.

And The Trump has indeed walked away in the end… yes, after having shat on the queen, spat into Ms May eyes, and waisted our public money… just so that he could safely play golf (F****** ***** **** **** *** *** * ** * ** *****). Needless saying that I also take huge offence in the fact that the Trump did not book me. I mean, am I the only one in the whole world the Trump didn’t book (smile, this is me trying to be funny ;)?

On a brighter note, Stormy Daniel was present at the anty Trump demonstration in London… If I had known he was there, I would have gone myself. Let’s be honest, he is kinda cute :). I do wonder how Stormy is paying for her legal fees… in nature? I would have… with pleasure!

Yes Sir, as the summer gets really hot, politics and the public mood gets even hotter in the entire western world. Let’s see what the Trump manages to do in with Putin in Russia, besides scheduling Melania on a different flight, just so that he can pack his personal plain with every Russian woman he can get his hands on (literally that is).

What a wonderful summer one may say… not lol. Regardless as to what your political views are, it is undeniable that the current state of the western world politics makes for much better entertainment than Eastenders and the X factor combined! Is this meant to be a good sign or indication that perhaps Brexit should be interpreted as a subtle suggestion that if one wishes for a peaceful summer, one is to relocate somewhere else at least for the time being? All I will say on this is that I think it is time we invest in airconditioners… the climate is definitely changing in the UK! lol.


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Pimlico Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…