Exclusive Escort Videos Coming Soon!

Written By - Lana Morell

Exclusive Escort Videos

Are you keen to watch my exclusive escort videos?

Then brace yourself! Exclusive Escort Videos are coming soon! You may have noticed that I have had a page specifically for videos for some time now, a month or two perhaps? The thing is that I have been very busy with other aspects of this rather generous website, as you may have noticed. This is why I have not had any time yet to focus on sensual videos.

However, this is about to change, and it is about to change very soon! I intend to post perhaps one or two videos per week. I have not worked out details in my mind yet, but I have the whole ground structure in my mind in regards to my upcoming videos.

One thing I would like to say upfront is that I am not talking about professional videos. We are talking about what I call organic, and authentic videos, intended to give you a teas, yet also an honest representation of myself. If you are a special effects kind of guy, I am afraid I will disappoint. However, if you are interested in a true and authentic representation of me, then stay tuned ;).

I have seen some really amazing videos out there, yet I also met the lady behind the videos. I will respectfully say in all honesty that on a couple of occasions, I truly felt the video guy performed a miracle to say the very least. My goal is not to look like a supermodel, because I simply do not look like that. My goal is to offer you nice and real videos so that you can decide for yourself if you wish to date me.

I have not even practiced on how to take videos yet, but I have looked into equipment, technique, location, and how to share the videos with you. All of this I already set in my mind as part of my strategy. Now I really just need to start practicing and implementing. We are so close to the big reveal my darling! Stay tuned!

Your Exclusive Escort Videos…

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