Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea

Written By - Lana Morell

Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea

The Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea Irony

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I promise you as your Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea, that what I am about to share, you couldn’t have made it up. This is how funny this is if it doesn’t happen to you that is.

I get this call yesterday from a girl I met a few months ago when I just had my website going live. We only met a couple of times and then I kinda moved on because she lives abroad and only visits London every few months and when she is here, she is busy seeing everybody. I don’t know if the queue builds up outside of her door, or if she manages to see through it in a timely manner, but what I know is that she is always on call and therefore hangout time can be unpleasant. This is the only reason I am not invested with this girl. Other than this, she is lovely.

Anyhow, we did keep in touch on WhatsApp and we message from time to time. Yesterday I get this messages from her in absolute panic, asking me why on Google Search adult content has been removed. She meant all of it. I am sure you can imagine my surprise as I read the message. Naturally, I check on my computer and everything was fine. After a minute or so I realised what was going on for the poor girl. This is where I suggest you get the popcorns out because it is about to get entertaining!

It turns out that the Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea wanna be (perhaps more elite if she did not have the queue outside of the door – Just joking lol), was staying at the Gloucester Hotel, which apparently is known for being 80% populated by all sorts of escorts. I know of it, because I live in Kensington and every time I need to go to that area (there is a Chanel store there :), I see all sorts coming in and out of that hotel. For this reason, you would imagine the hotel not to be of high quality (you got that right) but to compensate for the high rates of being “relaxed” about things. This is where it all goes wrong.

It turns out that the hotel blocks all adult online websites and even adult searches, meaning that you land on error or blocked pages, without even seeing a google search result. What? You know your hotel survives on escorts and you block adult websites with your wifi? So, she had to go to a coffee shop next door, each time she needed to look at something work related. Can you imagine?

On the bright side for her, the queue is still building up and therefore she has other things to do, then surfing online. Am I talking about myself really? No hun, if you have read pages on my website, you will know by now that I receive at a very high-end incall apartment, which is in a much more discrete building with a much better reputation, and where wifi is super fast and super free ;). I also am a very low volume adult entertainer.

Yet I do think it is cheeky to run a business almost entirely aiming and accepting adult entertainers and then sabotage them like that, by blocking adult content using their wifi. I am glad I do not need to rely on hotels and operate in that manner, but I for sure know which hotel not to recommend now! By what I have understood, this is the last time this girl will stay at that hotel, as it is too difficult for her to operate in that manner. The poor thing told me she will soon have a hart attack with all the coffee she drinks in order to justify all the time she spends in the coffee shop to use wifi!

On this note, I would like to remind you that if you are looking for a “less invested” and truly Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea, I would love to hear from you. I am discrete, friendly, loving, and really fun to be with 😉

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Elite Independent Courtesan Kensington & Chelsea…

Lana Morell xxx…