Edgware Road Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

How Does Edgware Road Independent Escort Goes Political?

Edgware Road Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Just when you thought I was done with the serious stuff and back to being simply an Edgware Road Independent Escort, here I am proving you wrong lol. But please, do not be alarmed, as today seatbelts will not be necessary.

This is the situation; since I am not indulging in fun-loving dates with you at the moment since I am away, I have a little extra time to spear. Me being the dynamic little creature you don’t know me to be yet (you will soon – back end of September ūüėČ, I use this extra time to educate myself on various things. I know, I know, wouldn’t I be much better if I was ignorant, with no English skills, just being a sweet little thing? Well, no because that would make me the perfect wife, not the perfect¬†Edgware Road Independent Escort I strive to be ;).

You probably know this already. but if you don’t, there are two people on youtube who for sure deserve listening to. One of the two people you are most likely to know. His name is James O’Brien¬†and the other is called Graham Hughes. I simply love listening to them. Both Graham and James provide a fact/evidence-rich¬†debate on currently relevant topics (have a guess). If you haven’t yet come across them on youtube or the radio, please do give it a try. Whatever your belief system is, there is something to learn for everybody.

There you have it, now you know what I do instead of cuddling up to you as temperatures drop outside (a bit like the GBP I see). What would I much rather be doing? Of course, I would love to be back already and focus on being your Edgware Road Independent Escort. Yet destiny had other plans in store for us. On this note, please know that you are welcome to make contact now via email to discuss a possible date together. I will reply asap.


Your Please Pursuer &¬†Edgware Road Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…