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Written By - Lana Morell

Aldgate Independent Escort Shocking News!


Aldgate Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


Your Aldgate Independent Escort here wakes up today and guess what, more Trump lol. If it carries on like this, I might go back to watch TV, rather than spending time on the internet. I much prefer our local news now. This whole Trump thing is getting on my nerves lol.

But your Aldgate Independent Escort has a theory! Ah, just when you thought I was done with it all… you learn there is more ;). My theory is that I think intelligence knew about the new founding before Trump went to meet Putin, but they wanted to out the trump by taking him by surprise… Even better, they knew he would not have been able to say a word against the boss… in front of the boss…

I mean really, who needs Eastenders (I have never watched btw, just so that you know). But there is a positive message to take away from the American Saga, and the message is that in comparison with the trump drama, Brexit all of a sudden feels like just a demanding day at work. See, there is a good side to everything. You just have to look for it… really hard ;).

By watching what is going on in the USA, I feel our problems here in EU/UK, are somewhat mild by comparison. This helps for sure to put things into perspective for us. But if you are American don’t feel discouraged, just remember the comma comment in my previous blog post, because I meant it. If that also is of no consolation to you, then just know that we over here, actually think well of the US in general and have a lot of love for you lot. It will get better :).

If you are British and don’t understand why I keep talking about this, clearly you do not spend much time on the internet, which is fine, but that is where the magic is happening (just so that you know, mainstream TV is over lol). That is it for today… What was the news? Ah, that was totally a clickbait to get your attention lol… I am an attention seeker, you see ;).



I love watching this American late night show lol.


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Aldgate Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…