Beautiful Breasts Courtesan

Do You Prefer A Beautiful Breasts, Courtesan?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Do you have a weakness for a Beautiful Breasts Courtesan? If the answer is yes, you are indeed a so-called “boobs man”. There is no need to be alarmed, as this condition is recognised as both normal and healthy.

In fact, there is also another condition well known to mankind. Men suffering ( or pleasuring in this case 😉 from this condition are usually referred to as “bum men”. In both cases, men exhibit a specific preference for a particular part of the female anatomy.

But what happens when a man loves both the bum and the breasts? What happens when a man likes the adrenaline rush of alps and valleys all in one? Are there courtesans able to cater to such a demanding condition?

Nooo! Please do not leave this page… I promise I will not attempt to be funny… for the next two minutes anyway :). What can I say, I am indeed a playful kitten. But wouldn’t you rather have a playful kitten with beautiful breasts and a deliciously round Mediterranean bum?! Yes, you can call this the elite courtesan moment ;).

Seriously tho, if you are a boobs man and think that there is nothing more sensual than a courtesan who is attractive, talented, and with an amazingly feminine body, garnished by perfect and generous breasts, we must date!

I am a high-class escort who is independent, sensual, sexual, and who is in love with what I do… and quite frankly, simply can’t get enough of it! I know, I know, it sounds bad… yet it feels so good! ;).

But why does society condemns a Beautiful Breasts Courtesan for wanting to share what she has… I love to offer you all I have and I gain great pleasure by doing so. What is so wrong about experiencing pleasure out of being a woman, and blessing a man with it?!

Personally, I know I have a wonderfully feminine body and truly beautiful breasts. what you should know, is that I want to spoil you and overwhelm you with it all. I want you to enjoy every inch of my body to your and mine full satisfaction…

No shame, no games… just pleasure…

Lana Morell xxx…

Beautiful Breasts Courtesan