Independent Escort Reviews

Independent Escort Reviews

Written by Grant

I am rather pleased that I could see Lana, even if at such short notice. Lana is a beautiful lady with an angelic face and feminine body. She made me feel very comfortable from the first moment I entered her place, and this was true until the moment I left. Lana is friendly, sexy, classy, and a lot of fun to be with. Highly recommended.

Written by John

When I found myself in need of a date for a society boat party, I got in touch with Lana to see if something could be arranged. I felt that having an alluring, petite brunette on my arm would make quite the impression, and Lana did not disappoint. We were in frequent contact up to and including the day of the event, and when I picked her up, I simply had to tell her how tastefully beautiful she looked. A real social butterfly, Lana made fantastic conversation with my peers and their dates. Striking a perfect balance between intimacy and professionalism made Lana an absolute joy to have brought along.

Written by The Guy

Arranging to meet with Lana for lunch was straightforward and very pleasant. She was charming and intriguing from the get-go, and I could tell our date would make for a pleasant afternoon. I was not let down in the slightest. Lana Morell was courteous, wonderfully flirtatious, and unfailingly polite. She never missed a bit while we were chatting, and provided every bit of the experience I was looking for. A splendidly professional and friendly woman.

Written by Beard Boy

It’s been my experience that many escorts can become evasive or flakey when it comes to overnight meetups, so I was elated to discover that Lana was an exception to the rule. She was consistently gracious and professional in arranging to meet up and spend the evening together. She was stunningly feminine and very, very graceful. It was wonderful to spend the night with someone so friendly and accommodating; Lana is an extraordinary, pleasant young woman, and it was a privilege getting to know her. Will repeatesoon.

Written by The Dreamer

When I first approached Miss Lana Morell, I asked her what she was most proud of in herself. She told me that she held her professionalism and her empathetic nature in equally high regard, and as I got to know her more, I came to understand why she thought this. Not only does Lana reply to correspondence in a timely and efficient manner, but she consistently exudes a flirtatious sweetness and girlish kindness. She was just as good-natured and sophisticated in person, and made excellent conversation. She even encouraged me to talk about myself and demonstrated a genuine interest in my work. I was surprised by how knowledgeable she was, and how graciously she was able to discuss such varied matters. She is also beautiful, and exceptionally alluring. Outstanding company.


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