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Marylebone Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

You will not believe what happened to your Marylebone Independent Escort last night! In fact, I believe this makes material for a good comedy show! As you know very well, I am currently away. This simple, yet poorly digested fact of life has resorted me to two main desperate coping mechanisms: one being my vibrator, and the other being porn. Yes, I said it and I own it… in fact, I am a tad proud of it too! What could possibly go wrong with that you would think, right?! Here is what…

Last night, your Marylebone Independent Escort decided to have an early night, just so that I could go to bed with my survival kit (vibrator and laptop). I made myself comfortable and enjoyed away. This, of course, enables me to sleep beautifully until 6 am this morning without any problem and feeling satisfied and content, which is always nice of course. This, until I checked my emails…

You will not believe it! Some random idiot, possibly the owner of one of the porn websites I visited (for sure!), got on hold of an email of mine which is not even online and sent me a letter in which the twat was openly blackmailing me. The email was saying something along the lines of:” if you don’t pay me £1000, I will share the videos you have watched with all your relatives and you will be disgraced and embarrassed and your life will be destroyed etc, etc”.

Seriously dude? So, here I am now having some random bloke trying to spoil even my little private pleasure time I have, while I wait for the time of my return as your Marylebone Independent Escort arrives. What did I do? Well, I felt compelled to deal with this, by spoiling my morning with a trip to the police.

You might think it is a bit extreme. But the fact is that as much as I don’t care if it comes out that I watch porn in my family, it is also true that this may not be true for everyone else. If I was a little teenager from a perhaps more conservative family I would probably struggle with such a threat. This is why I felt it was important to report it. Let’s not forget that there have been already cases in the past in which teenagers found themselves in this kind of situation and consequently committed suicide.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself why would a lady of leisure like myself bring up a topic so unpleasant. I am sharing this with you to suggest that it is a good thing to have this kind of embarrassing conversations with your children. Of course they will hate you for it (lol) and of course, you will feel most awkward. But it is a conversation worth having anyway. Just a thought of course, but one with good intentions nevertheless.


Yours, at times reflective Pleasure Pursuer & Marylebone Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…

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